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Little Bouncy Construction Cone

Here is a very excellent recipe for Biscuits (if you are from the United States) or Scones (if you live pretty much anywhere else). I have made this recipe into a regular family favorite, by simply neglecting to tell them that I found it in a cookbook written about two hundred years ago! Also works beautifully if you add a bit of shredded cheese to the dry ingredients right before adding the milk.
Baking Powder Biscuit

Here is a recipe for Chicken Croquettes. I have also tried this one, and found it really good! As the recipe says, you can use any meat, or omit the meat and use ground tofu instead. Chicken Croquettes To Fry Croquettes

These recipes were gathered from the 1902 edition of The White House Cookbook. It is viewable in its entirety on the Internet Archive.

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Little Bouncy Construction Cone